The Definitive Guide To Digital Magazine App Marketing

App Marketing Webinar by PressPad's Michael Opydo

Going mobile is a monetization strategy for magazine publishers. They increase revenue by reusing existing content for mobile distribution. While a website is good for building reach, a mobile app is the best way for monetization because people are used to in-app purchasing. During this webinar you will learn app marketing essentials required to promote your digital magazine app on the App Store and beyond.

In order to get popular in App Store It is not enough to just do nothing with your app because App Store is quite a crowded place. But even there are around 10,000 magazine apps available over there, it is still a fraction of websites available across the Internet. So the marketing potential of App Store is huge.

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The Most Popular Digital Publishing And Mobile Marketing Articles Publishers Search For

Publishers read this digital publishing articles

Every week there is an analytics day for me in PressPad. I take time to understand Internet traffic generated by our content. To do this, various tools like Mixpanel and Google Analytics are used. In this article I will provide a list of the ten most popular articles published on our blog — based on unique users and average time spent on it — for your convenience.

How to Use Our Professional, Free Magazine Templates

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How to Sell Your Digital Magazine The Amazon Way

Sell digital magazine Amazon way

Selling digital goods is sometimes tricky because it’s hard to apply sales patterns from the physical world to mobile. One of the best way of doing this is by looking at successful companies selling similar goods much better than any of their competitors.

Amazon is so successful in the field of selling digital goods that it’s reasonable to see if there’s anything we can learn from them to make our publishers’ lives easier. In this article, I’m going to unveil one of the biggest of Amazon’s secrets, that makes their digital content sell better.

The PressPad way means helping our publishers achieve their sales goals. We do not hide the fact that our clients’ goals are simply ours, since we bond our revenue with theirs. This approach lets us see the world the same way as our publishers and continuously improve our magazine apps, along with the whole platform in terms of sales ability.

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2014: The Year When You Can Sell More Digital Issues Than the Paper Ones

It has been an amazing year not only for PressPad, but also for our publishers. This article lets you peek at the future as it lifts the curtain on what is going to happen next year and how to maximize it.

In the passing year 2013 we changed our business model and by that we took a quantum leap towards increasing the availability of digital publishing among medium-sized publishers. Publishing will never be the same. Thanks to this change, we shortened the time to market for the new publishers, and the growing number of magazines available in PressPad’s ecosystem translates to larger popularity of our clients’ magazines. It stems from the diffusion of the readers within our publishing ecosystem.

Digital Publishing in 2014

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[PR] PressPad, a Digital Publishing Startup, Recently Published a Mobile Magazine, Dogfooding Its Own Publishing Technology

Polish startup becomes its own client by publishing a magazine for mobile publishers

The Digital Publishing Guide is a free digital magazine, which is available quarterly as a mobile app. The magazine will feature optimization techniques for online app stores and share information about digital publishing and app marketing.

“We are a startup and we have created an easy-to-use digital publishing system. We see PressPad as going where Adobe is too corporate to go and other competitors too complicated.” – Paul Nowak, PressPad CEO.

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How PressPad Can Keep You Away from the Bitter Lesson of App Development

How PressPad Can Keep You Away from the Bitter Lesson of App Development

“Talking New Media” has recently posted a very interesting article covering their behind-the-scenes experience of building their own iPad magazine application.They definitely got to know what it would be like to build an app for publishing a magazine on iPad having none (or very little) experience with delivering for Apple App Store. But aren’t they a publisher rather than an app developer?

If you are planning to hire a freelance developer to code your own magazine app, hold on because there might be a more effective solution which really works.

First of all, TNM is a news, information and commentary website for the digital publishing industry which we love reading and we do respect their job a lot (hi, guys!), so if you are interested ina digital publishing, you should visit their website too.

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PressPad Android Support in Approach + Preorders for Early Birds

PressPad Android Support

I’m pleased to announce that PressPad is beginning the Android platform support, thanks to which your publications will now have the potential to reach millions of smartphone and tablet users based on this platform worldwide.
To emphasize the launch of Android support, we’ve also prepared an interesting offer but we’ll get back to that later on in the article.

At PressPad, we focus on letting our technological solutions help especially small and medium publishers who want to make it big on mobile devices, as well as authors directly, who can start building up income from their creative work thanks to us, without the need to focus on technological matters. The aim is to free authors and publishers from having to think about technology at all, and just leave that to us.

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How To Publish a Brilliant Children’s Book on iPad

For several weeks you have been writing to us ever more often, asking about possibilities for publishing a children’s books on iPad. If you are an author of a children’s book or a publisher, from this article you will learn how to publish a book on Apple mobile devices with no knowledge of programming required.

Tablets have entered our lives for good. Research conducted by “YouGov” shows, that in Great Britain more and more women become owners of tablets and it is women, who are the main users of tablets, and the number of these devices itself is growing on a global scale (e.g. in the second quarter of 2013 Apple sold nearly 20 million iPads). This is probably one of the factors contributing to the fact, that tablets reach the hands of the youngest users ever more often.

[caption id="attachment_857" align="alignleft" width="300"] Women are the main users of tablets in UK. Source:[/caption]

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How to Convince Your Boss About Mobile Publishing

Mobile Publishing is a necessary pivot for many titles. For some titles, it is the first medium for entering the market. In this article you will find out which arguments to choose, and how to present them in order to get your boss to like mobile publishing. After all, going mobile is a great way to reach new readers.

Mobile Publishing is a very strong trend, which is supported by changes in the business model of many publications. We have already witnessed the change of the distribution model and the transition to digital platforms, such great titles as Life or the NYT. Earlier this year, eMarketer made a prediction that “This Year, All Publishers Go Mobile”. To convince your boss to come onto the App Store platform, present the information, which you will find below, in anf appropriate form, relevant for your organization.

1. Provide Market Brief

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