How To Make Your Magazine Subscription Offer Stand Out

Awesome magazine subscription

The best way is to create amazing subscription offers that reward your print subscribers with added value. Magazine apps do this job just as well, allowing your readers to experience a digital replica of your magazine on the go. It’s affordable and you don’t have to worry about your digital publishing ROI. See how this is possible.

New year is a great time to attract new subscribers to your magazine. For so many of us, a magazine subscription is a perfect gift to our family members and friends. So the best way to trigger a sales decision is to add free digital editions into your print subscription plan.

This is how VOGUE presents their awesome subscription offer on their website.

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How To Create A Stunning Curated Video Magazine

Video Magazine App

Video magazines have become more and more popular. This is because video content is very engaging and people have fun exploring high quality, curated content.

I am going to illustrate how you can start your own video magazine using only a PDF file and a bit of imagination. Before we go into the tutorial, let’s start from the beginning and answer the question: why should you do this?

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Introducing PressPad Pro for Professional Publishers

PressPad Pro gives superb user experience

Over a year ago, PressPad introduced a risk-free offer for publishers who wanted to have their magazines published on the App Store and Google Play for free. Free apps plans are not available anymore but new risk-free pricing offer has the best and most affordable terms to help small, and medium-sized publishers launch a magazine apps and make money on mobile devices.

We’ve connected almost half a thousand publishers with mobile customers who installed their apps nearly 1M times. With the introduction of brand new PressPad Pro accounts, we wish to influence the digital publishing landscape once again.

What does having a PressPad Pro account entail

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How a Magazine App Becomes Your Competitive Advantage in the Mobile World

Magazine app vs website

When it comes to digital publishing we often see that publishers offer mere PDF issues of their digital magazine on their mobile websites. Unfortunately, selling a PDF file on the website is not enough to take the best advantage of the mobile space, even if the website is optimized for mobile devices. In this article I am going to show you how to fix this effortlessly.

[caption id="attachment_2173" align="alignleft" width="300"] Mobile phone users worldwide. Source eMarketer[/caption]Global data shows that mobile devices took over the digital space and they have become the primary source of Internet traffic. Forecasts show that the number of mobile users will double in 2017 comparing to 2012.

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How To Boost The Number of Installs of Your Digital Magazine Mobile App

Boost installs of the digital magazine mobile app

Before you start selling genuine content hidden behind the pay-wall, the way mobile magazine publishers do, you must take the first step on the sales path, which is increasing the app installs rate. In this article you will learn how to increase the number of organic app installs of your digital magazine’s mobile app.

The more users install your mobile app, the more will go through to the next level of your sales funnel, and thus you’ll earn more. That’s pure math. So how to lure more people into installing your app? Well, lets start with a simple thought experiment.

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How to Create a Digital Magazine Without Specialized Publishing Software

Digital magazine app platform

A magazine app can be one way of magazine distribution, it is also an effective content marketing tool. Then how to publish your own digital magazine in App Store to widen your target range by mobile users? In this article, I’m going to describe exactly what you’ll need to launch your own flip page digital magazine app.

In order to prepare your own magazine app, you’re going to need three things:

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Doing Digital Magazine App the Right Way is Free

If you think creating your own mobile application featuring your magazine is expensive or difficult, you couldn’t be further from the truth. With our solution, you’ll click your way to your app in five minutes and what’s more – all for free. See how it’s possible.

PressPad is a digital publishing and marketing platform that allows people to earn money from their own content on mobile devices. We help our publishers make it big on Apple and Google’s store platforms, and we accompany them on their ride to monetization.

With PressPad, you can achieve more for less than with typical digital publishing software.

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How To Get Your Magazine App To The App Store Faster

In this article, I’m going to tell you how to speed up the app publishing process, and how to maximize the App Store platform.

Christmas is coming, a rush time for everyone. Many new publishers want to minimize the time to market their magazine in order to take part in the Christmas-New Year shopping tradition. In one of the previous articles, Paul described what happens when you order a free iPad app with PressPad. So, when all the information from the publisher is sent to us, we proceed to building their application for iPad and iPhone.

However, it sometimes happens that the period of waiting for the complete set of information from the publisher extends and thus, we can’t finish all the stages of adding the application to App Store. To speed up the addition of your publication to App Store, send us the information required for describing your application in iTunes properly.

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