Digital Distribution Channels How To

Digital Distribution Channels

One of the crucial activities of every digital publisher is to create, grow and maintain their own digital distribution channels that will secure digital sales. What are the digital distribution channels and why are they so important for digital content creators? If you want to learn more and find out clear answers about the digital distribution channels creation process with examples and micro tutorials, this article is definitely for you.

I would say that having established digital distribution channels is even more important for digital publishing businesses then high quality content itself. Ok, I am not going to lie that content is less important but without efficient distribution among audience that care about what you do, there is no point to expect commercial success.

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PressPad Digital Publishing Platform Expands Its Operations to Japan

PressPad Expands Operations to Japan

We started building PressPad to reshape the digital publishing industry, making it easy to use and affordable for publishers of all sizes. Mobile is here to stay, and publishing is one among many industries affected by the mobile revolution.

With PressPad’s active support, magazine publishers and authors are able to monetize their existing content on the biggest mobile platforms: Apple iOS Newsstand and Google Android.

When PressPad introduced its new business model at the end of August 2013, we did not expect it to affect the whole platform and reshape our approach towards mobile publishing and app marketing.

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How To Hire a Freelance Writer – The Myths and Truths

How to hire a freelance writer

Finding a great writing staff can seem as elusive as the mythical Phoenix, but it doesn’t have to be. In this guest post Melissa of “This Freelancer Life” digital magazine provides a glimpse into the process of hiring the right people for your digital publishing venture.

There’s so many talented writers that share your vision and the direction that you want to go with your content, it’s just a matter of finding them and knowing what to look for to find a stellar one. The magic happens in a digital magazine when an amazing team meets a great idea. This article will focus on where to find writers for your digital magazine and what to look for in their application.

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Affiliate That Works: PressPad Partnership Program – Case Study

partnership program presspad affiliate

Do you know that PressPad is running an affiliate program thanks to which you can generate passive income by recommending our digital publishing platform? We split profit 50/50 with our business partners – If you wish to see how easy it is to become PressPad’s business partner and start earning, read the further part of this article.

Through Partnership Center we wish to help your fellow publishers make it big on mobile by publishing their magazines, comics and even industry catalogues in App Store and Google Play as a native mobile app.

PressPad will build Newsstand application without expensive software development and will help to create digital distribution channels. We are the only option for all those companies and individuals who wish to try digital/mobile publishing and quickly, within ten-odd days, put a new title into circulation in Apple’s and Google’s mobile stores. All without costly investments from your site.

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Here Come Useful Ideas from Ian Michael Pogonowski of the OUTFIT Cornwall Magazine

OUTFIT Cornwall Digital Magazine is all about improving people’s lives. Cornwall UK is an exciting and dynamic place to live. There is lots of countryside, sports and water for people to take part in and OUTFIT Cornwall is about getting people out and about, making the most of their lives being healthy in the process.

In this article you will read about the experience and insights from Ian Michael Pogonowski who started his digital magazine in the Summer of 2013.

Ian, you started OUTFIT Cornwall in July 2013. Why did you decide to run a digital magazine?

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[PR] PressPad, a Digital Publishing Startup, Recently Published a Mobile Magazine, Dogfooding Its Own Publishing Technology

Polish startup becomes its own client by publishing a magazine for mobile publishers

The Digital Publishing Guide is a free digital magazine, which is available quarterly as a mobile app. The magazine will feature optimization techniques for online app stores and share information about digital publishing and app marketing.

“We are a startup and we have created an easy-to-use digital publishing system. We see PressPad as going where Adobe is too corporate to go and other competitors too complicated.” – Paul Nowak, PressPad CEO.

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5 Ideas You Can Steal from Digital Publishing Guide

We did it! We have just published our own mobile magazine, in which we share our knowledge on digital publishing and content marketing ideas. We are a company that creates an easy-to-use digital publishing technology, and PressPad goes where Adobe is too corporate and Mag+ is too complicated.

We want the Digital Publishing Guide magazine to be a model publication, which will allow publishers all over the world to achieve even better business results by using the good practices presented below.

In this article, you will learn what techniques we have used to promote our magazine online and to increase its downloads from App Store and Google Play. We also have some statistics for those who are interested.

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