PressPad Partnership, a Passive Income Idea or Something More?

PressPad Partnership - Passive Income Biz Dev

Passive income in the modern era of connected people and internet societies without boundaries has become a holy grail for many people. Most of the passive income ideas we stumble upon on the various websites shout out bold claims yet deliver almost no real value. These are promises that can hardly be fulfilled, even for skilled digital marketers, after all, you need to create a value that your passive income will be based on.

This value creation process often requires at least a minimum time investment. So, in response to the question in the title: No — not all passive income ideas are a waste of your time and I am going to prove it in this practical guide for the PressPad partnership.

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Affiliate That Works: PressPad Partnership Program – Case Study

partnership program presspad affiliate

Do you know that PressPad is running an affiliate program thanks to which you can generate passive income by recommending our digital publishing platform? We split profit 50/50 with our business partners – If you wish to see how easy it is to become PressPad’s business partner and start earning, read the further part of this article.

Through Partnership Center we wish to help your fellow publishers make it big on mobile by publishing their magazines, comics and even industry catalogues in App Store and Google Play as a native mobile app.

PressPad will build Newsstand application without expensive software development and will help to create digital distribution channels. We are the only option for all those companies and individuals who wish to try digital/mobile publishing and quickly, within ten-odd days, put a new title into circulation in Apple’s and Google’s mobile stores. All without costly investments from your site.

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