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Have you ever wondered why you never come across app costing 10 cents in the AppStore?

The reason for that is very simple. Apple charges from 30 to 40 per cent of a commission from each purchase of an app.

It is understandable since the AppStore is a professional selling platform. In order to avoid very small sums of money in financial settlement a system of tiers has been introduced. A developer (app author) has the right to settle the price for their product by choosing the right tier. There are almost 100 tiers. For instance, Tier 1 is equal to $0.99 but also €0.89.

How does it work in PressPad?

After registering in the PressPad and uploading the magazine’s PDF file a proper tier should be chosen. The selected sum of money is the price for the final user. We advise to study the table (latest update: May 2015) with tier prices in advance.


To make it more simple we provided in our panel tier rate in dollars. However, one should remember that the AppStore calculates the sums according to the mandatory currency. For instance, if the price of an app magazine is 0.99 US for AppStore users registered in USA, the same magazine will cost 0.89 EUR for the ones in Europe.

Can I change the price of a magazine?

You can settle the price for each magazine separately. It is especially useful while publishing special editions or archive issues. In such a case you can set a specific price of issue you choose or even make it available for free.

Alternative Tiers

At the end of June Apple introduced alternative tiers. Check the table below. They are introduced to inify prices for AppStore users from USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. The only change is in Euro zone. Alternative Tier 1 = €0,99 = $0.99.

System of Tiers in Apple App Store

We realise that it could be a bit complicated. If you want to discuss your approach towards having digital magazine on App Store get in touch with us. Call +1 888 712-0331 to discuss digital publishing needs for your magazine or start immediately risk free (pay only when your app is ready).