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Today there are two trends in the field of magazine apps for iPad; the first one is creating dedicated applications, and the other one is about web apps. In today’s entry we will investigate the first approach, and take a look at the process of adding an application to the App Store.

In PressPad, each of our customers receives their own application. When you decide to order your own app, you get a native app for the iPad and iPhone, that utilizes the Newsstand, Push Notification Service, background downloading, and more.

PressPad was created so that publishers no longer need to register as Apple Developers, hire programmers and be bothered about the App Review Guidelines. We take care of this ourselves, so you may focus on the things really important for you – your magazine content.

Some time ago, we decided to make our app ordering form available without login. As you can see, it is quite extensive, as it consists of as many as 12 steps. Many of them can be omitted, but they are there to let our customers create as good applications as possible. You’ll find such basic things as the name (there are two of them!) and the description, but also graphics, prices, subscription periods, etc..

By carefully preparing your application from the very beginning, you are likely to have a good start with the App Store – the application should have a detailed description and lots of relevant pictures.

If you have questions about dedicated Newsstand apps for iPad, please contact me directly.