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PressPad News is the app for WordPress based blogs and web magazines, a new product service recently launched by our fabulous team. We called it PressPad News because after connecting with your WordPress blog or a web magazine, the app brings the latest content from your site right to your reader’s iPhone or iPad. PressPad […]

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How To Make Your Magazine Subscription Offer Stand Out

Awesome magazine subscription

The best way is to create amazing subscription offers that reward your print subscribers with added value. Magazine apps do this job just as well, allowing your readers to experience a digital replica of your magazine on the go. It’s affordable and you don’t have to worry about your digital publishing ROI. See how this is possible.

New year is a great time to attract new subscribers to your magazine. For so many of us, a magazine subscription is a perfect gift to our family members and friends. So the best way to trigger a sales decision is to add free digital editions into your print subscription plan.

This is how VOGUE presents their awesome subscription offer on their website.

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How Online Video Support Improves Your Magazine Experience

YouTube is one of the biggest social media network in the world. More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube every month. Over 6 billion hours of video are viewed each month on YouTube—that’s almost an hour for every person on Earth. What is more, YouTube reaches more US adults aged 18-34 than any cable network. From now on, YouTube videos can be used by PressPad publishers and viewed from inside of their magazine apps.

YouTube’s viewership is extraordinary. More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month and 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute. That shows how powerful of a medium online videos have become.

What does that mean for digital publishers? It means that, if they want to build a rich experience and engage their readers, they should be using that medium, too. That is why PressPad decided to go a step further and introduce in-app video support, including YouTube and Vimeo support.

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Introducing PressPad Pro for Professional Publishers

PressPad Pro gives superb user experience

Over a year ago, PressPad introduced a risk-free offer for publishers who wanted to have their magazines published on the App Store and Google Play for free. Free apps plans are not available anymore but new risk-free pricing offer has the best and most affordable terms to help small, and medium-sized publishers launch a magazine apps and make money on mobile devices.

We’ve connected almost half a thousand publishers with mobile customers who installed their apps nearly 1M times. With the introduction of brand new PressPad Pro accounts, we wish to influence the digital publishing landscape once again.

What does having a PressPad Pro account entail

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PressPad Web Store Increases Revenues for Digital Publishers

PressPad Web Store

There are many ways publishers can increase their revenues and selling through their website may just be one of the top ones. PressPad is happy to announce today the release of a new feature helping publishers do just that.

Our mission at PressPad is to help publishers make more money on their content. We believe in this so strongly that we tightened our revenues with publishers’ last year – if you don’t make money, neither do we.

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PressPad Digital Publishing Platform Expands Its Operations to Japan

PressPad Expands Operations to Japan

We started building PressPad to reshape the digital publishing industry, making it easy to use and affordable for publishers of all sizes. Mobile is here to stay, and publishing is one among many industries affected by the mobile revolution.

With PressPad’s active support, magazine publishers and authors are able to monetize their existing content on the biggest mobile platforms: Apple iOS Newsstand and Google Android.

When PressPad introduced its new business model at the end of August 2013, we did not expect it to affect the whole platform and reshape our approach towards mobile publishing and app marketing.

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PressPad Introduces Growth Hacking Feature to Help Publishers Sell More Editions on Tablets

We have released PressPad growth hacking feature called “Growth Tips”. The goal is clear: to help publishers sell more subscriptions and make magazine apps even more discoverable.

We offer our magazine apps for free, and this innovative business approach is fueling the direction in which PressPad is going – from digital publishing software to marketing mobile-publishing platform securing content distribution and monetization, the two key aspects of successful digital publishing.

Edit [April 20th, 2016]: We have stopped offering free pricing plans (free apps) since 2015. PressPad still offer digital publishing service affordable for publishers like you.

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PressPad Notifications – The Right Way To Build Relationship With Magazine App Subscribers

PressPad’s business model proved itself to be a terrific solution for our publishers as it opens up a stress-free passage into the world of digital publishing on mobile devices. Additionally, it paves the direction of our product’s development.

The outcome will lead to the systematic growth of PressPad’s marketing and sales potential. This article will define Email Notification and how to use them to increase your magazine’s popularity.

Increasing the sales of a magazine is a product of many different factors – building a strong relationship with the readers is one of them. PressPad’s control panel allows the publisher to communicate directly with the subscribers via Push Notifications – concise messages, which land directly on the reader’s iPhone/iPad, and via the new and unique feature an Email Notifications.

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Facebook Newsstand Helps You Sell More Digital Issues Via Social Media

Facebook is a great selling tool. How to take advantage of its potential during the sale of a mobile magazine? Later in the article you will also learn how to promote your digital releases best on Facebook and Twitter using Facebook Newsstand.

At the end of 2013 we promised our publishers to help them in sales. It is our priority, and so as early as December we released our first sales supporting tools in the form of beautiful Automatic Widgets and Apple Smart Banners, which when placed on the webpages promote dedicated magazines, directing the user to App Store and Google Play Store.

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2014: The Year When You Can Sell More Digital Issues Than the Paper Ones

It has been an amazing year not only for PressPad, but also for our publishers. This article lets you peek at the future as it lifts the curtain on what is going to happen next year and how to maximize it.

In the passing year 2013 we changed our business model and by that we took a quantum leap towards increasing the availability of digital publishing among medium-sized publishers. Publishing will never be the same. Thanks to this change, we shortened the time to market for the new publishers, and the growing number of magazines available in PressPad’s ecosystem translates to larger popularity of our clients’ magazines. It stems from the diffusion of the readers within our publishing ecosystem.

Digital Publishing in 2014

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