Here Come Useful Ideas from Ian Michael Pogonowski of the OUTFIT Cornwall Magazine

OUTFIT Cornwall Digital Magazine is all about improving people’s lives. Cornwall UK is an exciting and dynamic place to live. There is lots of countryside, sports and water for people to take part in and OUTFIT Cornwall is about getting people out and about, making the most of their lives being healthy in the process.

In this article you will read about the experience and insights from Ian Michael Pogonowski who started his digital magazine in the Summer of 2013.

Ian, you started OUTFIT Cornwall in July 2013. Why did you decide to run a digital magazine?

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How New Version of PressPad Makes You an Even Better Publisher

PressPad is evolving and several awesome improvements are on their way to our product and your magazine app as well. Here I am going to uncover the details of the latest improvements coming soon, and how you can benefit from them.

We see PressPad as going where Adobe is too corporate and other competitors are too complicated. This is why we focus on the ease of use and work every day to make PressPad experience as seamless as possible. That said, PressPad is continuously evolving, and following our test-driven philosophy, we always test several ideas which will help not only us but our publishers grow and sell even more.

New Panel

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From the Desk of the CEO: What Do Free Pages from Apple Mean for Magazine Publishers?

Building a business for “free” is a very big challenge, probably the biggest challenge that a firm and its management can face. It is, therefore, especially pleasing that Apple has joined the group of companies offering some of their products for free.

Of course, “free” is almost never really free. Several decades ago, “free lunch” was free only because the food was so heavily salted that diner visitors had to order a (paid, how else?) drink.

These days, it is no longer necessary to add salt to food in order for parts of products to be offered for free. Google offers e-mail and a search engine for zero dollars in order to learn more about us and to be able to highlight better ads. PressPad provides free magazine templates in exchange for promotion on Twitter or email. Apple is offering its world-class apps for free in order to increase the demand for manufactured devices and to draw more users into its ecosystem.

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PressPad Android Support in Approach + Preorders for Early Birds

PressPad Android Support

I’m pleased to announce that PressPad is beginning the Android platform support, thanks to which your publications will now have the potential to reach millions of smartphone and tablet users based on this platform worldwide.
To emphasize the launch of Android support, we’ve also prepared an interesting offer but we’ll get back to that later on in the article.

At PressPad, we focus on letting our technological solutions help especially small and medium publishers who want to make it big on mobile devices, as well as authors directly, who can start building up income from their creative work thanks to us, without the need to focus on technological matters. The aim is to free authors and publishers from having to think about technology at all, and just leave that to us.

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How To Publish a Brilliant Children’s Book on iPad

For several weeks you have been writing to us ever more often, asking about possibilities for publishing a children’s books on iPad. If you are an author of a children’s book or a publisher, from this article you will learn how to publish a book on Apple mobile devices with no knowledge of programming required.

Tablets have entered our lives for good. Research conducted by “YouGov” shows, that in Great Britain more and more women become owners of tablets and it is women, who are the main users of tablets, and the number of these devices itself is growing on a global scale (e.g. in the second quarter of 2013 Apple sold nearly 20 million iPads). This is probably one of the factors contributing to the fact, that tablets reach the hands of the youngest users ever more often.

[caption id="attachment_857" align="alignleft" width="300"] Women are the main users of tablets in UK. Source:[/caption]

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Your iPad Magazine Can Look Like That on Apple IOS7

When Apple introduced a new mobile operating system iOS7, our team had just finished working on a new version of the mobile magazine application. This PressPad application allows subscribers to download and read digital magazines published by our editors. In this article we disclose the appearance of our new mobile application optimized for iOS7.
Apple has released its new, innovative operating system iOS7, introducing many interesting features such as the Control Center, AirDrop for iOS and smarter multitasking. But what catches the eye the most is a brand new, beautiful user interface with icons designed in the style of flat design, and referring to the current color trends. Apple’s new mobile system provides a completely new user’s experience, better than ever.

In accordance with the direction set by Apple, we are testing a new version of our mobile application in the PressPad, which is compatible with the iOS7 interface. We can boast about its appearance just now, which fits well with the new system from Apple. This makes reading the publication on iPad even more pleasant.

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Take Part in Our Experiment: We Will Add Your Magazine to the App Store

Update2: [April 21st, 2016]. Disclaimer! This information has expired. It’s been published in 2013. Since that time App Store has changed and so does PressPad. We do not offer free plans anymore, however PressPad mobile magazine apps remain affordable for publishers like you.

Update: due to high demand for this pilot program, we have written a FAQ and “lessons learnt” here.

Long story short: We are looking for 10 publishers who will agree to publish their magazine in a new experimental pricing model. The publisher doesn’t pay us anything for the making and maintenance of the application, in exchange, we retain the first 199 dollars it earns every month. From $200 up everything goes to the magazine publisher (no revenue share whatsoever).

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Digital Publishing Three One: The Washington Post Bought by Jeff “in 20 Years, Print Newspapers Will Be All but Extinct” Bezos

Every couple of days we publish three important news for mobile publishing industry. This week we have only one, but a very good one:

Jeff Bezos Bought The Washington Post. But So Did Amazon

Facts first: Jeff Bezos, charismatic CEO of the internet giant Amazon, buys The Washington Post. Interesting side of that transaction is how media pundits covers that story for past two days. They focus mainly on Bezos buying The Post with his own money, and tried to guess what a man like him can do with a paper like The Post.

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Succes Stories: Cliché Magazine Newsstand App

Cliche magazine cover on ipad

Today we start a series of short presentations of magazines available for iPad thanks to the PressPad self mobile publishing tool. Those apps look great and reading them gives a lot of pleasure. Thats why we decided to present them a little bit.

Cliché magazine is devoted to fashion, lifestyle and ways of spending your free time. It is always full of unique photos and exquisite articles on music and culture. This is how the editorial staff describes the magazine:
A magazine created for an elite group of people who are passionate about experiencing their ideal lifestyle. Cliché is not a pretentious magazine that purely aims at illustrating pictures of celebrities, but a way of managing your love for fashion, entertainment, culture, and most importantly the way you live. Cliché integrates all of these fields into a magazine release that allows you to understand and appreciate the finest things that surround you.
It enjoys excellent feedback from its readers. Here is one of them:

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The Daily is Closing Down. It Wouldn’t if It Started in 2012

Today marks a milestone day for publishing. Newscorp’s The Daily is winding down operations.

Nate Hoffelder from The Digital Reader:

The Daily launched in early 2011 amidst a lot of fanfare, hype, and a massive advertising campaign. It expanded beyond the iPad in early 2012 with new Android apps, but clearly it was not growing fast enough nor was it currently covering its costs. It was reportedly losing 30 million dollars a year.

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