Content Marketing Agency Contellio Joins PressPad in Partnership

Content marketing Contellio with PressPad

In the booming environment of mobile applications and online services, properly executed content marketing is one of the most efficient drivers of success. While content marketing remains an area of rampant expansion, content has to be wisely adjusted to fit various networks and devices. Contellio provides content creators adjusted formats that engage across various distribution networks including mobile thanks to partnering with PressPad.

Why Content Marketing?

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IPhone 6 and New Apple IOS8 – Should Digital Publishers Bother?

iPhone8 Apple

PressPad’s lead iOS developer Simon Fortuna gives a glimpse at what to expect from introduction of iOS 8 and what does it mean for the publishers.

For years Apple was not afraid to make their own path. Do you remember the wave of complaints when iOS7 has been introduced together with its slick, flat designed user interface that polarized Apple community worldwide? What inspires us is the fact that Apple does not hold their status quo, they always challenge themselves and their customers, and this is what we learn from Apple every day.

That kept us conscious when we were changing our business model a year ago to challenge these publishers for whom formerly existing digital publishing solutions were not affordable. And we do it again introducing a new version of our magazine app, which is opening a lot new possibilities for magazine publishers.

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How Data Analytics Drives Valuable Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Data Analytics

In this interview Clark Buckner from spoke with Fiksu’s vice president of new market and media solutions about strategic actions that generate loyal users, and overcome mobile marketing industry challenges.

Clark Buckner: Now we’re looking at where the digital industry is today. Where do you think the biggest challenge is? Or maybe where some of the biggest misconceptions are today in the mobile marketing field where in the end specifically with gaming?

Glenn Kiladis: There are a lot of answers to it. I think… So one thing to note is prior to me joining Fiksu. I was actually the VP of marketing and monetization for a big social app called Haywire. And so I was doing mobile user app acquisition about 3 years ago when there were a lot less tools and technology and traffic to take advantage of to build an audience.

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The Best TED Talks On Publishing You Should See For Inspiration

Best TED Talks on publishing

TED is an inspiring conference bringing together all the brilliant minds from all over the world. TED stands for Technology, Education and Design. Fortunately, the overall spectrum of topics is much broader, also covering the publishing industry.

Now, I am going to share with you five 7 videos that provide knowledge and inspiration. From design, through case studies, to marketing riffs. Watch inspiring publishing talks from TED conferences.

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DoodleeBooks: A New Canvas for Interactive Kids Books on iPad

PressPad teamed up with DoodleeBooks

Few months ago we posted an article about children’s publishing, and how easy it is to publish a brilliant children’s book on iPad with PressPad, right from a PDF file. If you, however, are thinking about bringing your book for children to life in more game-like interactive manner and with beautiful voice-over then you want to get to know more about DoodleeBooks.

I am talking with Becky Parker Geist, DoodleeBooks CEO.

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Digital Magazine, the Modern Communication Channel of Your Company’s Choice


Digital magazines lay on the same evolutionary path blogs do. They help build online identity and just as blogs did in the past, they are successively becoming a must-have online asset for modern companies. In this article, you will hear from our publishers why they have decided to start their own digital publishing ventures.

[caption id="attachment_1825" align="aligncenter" width="579"] Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast by Region. Source:[/caption]
We live in the world of mobile devices that influence our day-to-day behavior, and tens of millions of mobile devices are being sold every year. In such a fast-paced environment, a digital magazine can be a great content marketing tool on the journey to keep people closer to your business and your passions.

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People Like to Have Their Publications Available Electronically

Interview with Jim Koury of Diversity Rules Magazine.

PressPad gathers publishers from all walks of life. The most crowded segments are dedicated to fashion, lifestyle and LGBT and Diversity Rules Magazine is one among them. It is a niche magazine focusing on the queer community and its allies.

Jim, when have you started journey with your magazine?

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