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Our goal no. 1 is to increase the sales of your digital editions on iPads and Android and smart banner helps achieve this goal. As you know, the business model we used to function motivates us to provide digital magazine sales tips that work.

Today we present two super simple solutions, which will directly translate to a boost in your sales.

Widget informing about the latest issue

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How To Get Your Magazine App To The App Store Faster

In this article, I’m going to tell you how to speed up the app publishing process, and how to maximize the App Store platform.

Christmas is coming, a rush time for everyone. Many new publishers want to minimize the time to market their magazine in order to take part in the Christmas-New Year shopping tradition. In one of the previous articles, Paul described what happens when you order a free iPad app with PressPad. So, when all the information from the publisher is sent to us, we proceed to building their application for iPad and iPhone.

However, it sometimes happens that the period of waiting for the complete set of information from the publisher extends and thus, we can’t finish all the stages of adding the application to App Store. To speed up the addition of your publication to App Store, send us the information required for describing your application in iTunes properly.

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How to Use Our Professional, Free Magazine Templates

If you’re thinking about changing the looks of your digital magazine or you’re simply looking for a professional layout or magazine templates as an inspiration – we have some good news for you. Now you can download beautiful magazine templates.
The whole thing have been prepared by PressPad designers, we offer you all the templates with the covers for free, and what more – you can use them for commercial purposes.

What’s inside

After downloading the free package to your device, you will get a .zip archive. After unpacking the archive, a new folder called “PressPad_all_templates” will be created. It will contain four catalogues with magazine templates.

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How To Publish Digital Comics on App Store

If you are a comic strip author and your creations don’t end up in the drawer, consider reaching millions of Apple mobile device users. You can’t lose on publishing your works on the iPad, especially when we do it for you converting PDF file into a native mobile app.
If you create your own online comic and you’re wondering how to reach Apple device users with it or you just want to get your digital comic known at App Store, this article will give you some tips on what to focus your attention on while creating a PDF file which we will then process at PressPad into a native iPad application.

Reading digital magazines and comic strips on the iPad is a very pleasant experience. You can zoom in on each page as much as you like, relishing the graphic details. It is an experience impossible to recreate with traditional printed issues. In order for your digital comic strip to get positive reception from App Store users, remember to pay attention to:

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How Does the System of Tiers Work in Apple?

Apple Tiers

Have you ever wondered why you never come across app costing 10 cents in the AppStore?

The reason for that is very simple. Apple charges from 30 to 40 per cent of a commission from each purchase of an app.

It is understandable since the AppStore is a professional selling platform. In order to avoid very small sums of money in financial settlement a system of tiers has been introduced. A developer (app author) has the right to settle the price for their product by choosing the right tier. There are almost 100 tiers. For instance, Tier 1 is equal to $0.99 but also €0.89.

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10 Simple Rules for Letting Readers Know About Your Mobile Magazine

Publishers face this problem when launching a mobile version: how to let existing readers know about e.g. iOS Newsstand app.

Here are few examples that we find working. Some of them require you to sign in for Apple Developer Account. You can do that without paying $99 annual membership and still download those materials. We could just copy those materials for you but they change from time to time and it is better that you have always the newest one. If you wish we can always email you the newest one.

We have covered only technical issues here but will write another post about best business practices when launching on mobile.

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Don’t Ruin Your App Marketing Efforts By… App Name

When it comes to app names most obvious guess is your Magazine name, right? That is what we thought as well, but short look back at our previous experience with apps tells a different story.

We’ve been developing games, utilities, and spent some time with mobile book publishing. There’re few things we’ve learnt and they are all aplicable to Magazines as well. For one on the Apple’s App Store there are in fact two different names: the one that’s displayed below your icon/cover on the device, and the one that is being used on the App Store itself.

First one should be short, sharp and easy to remember. There’s no character limit, but here’s what happen when you use to many characters (in this case „This App Name is Way to Long”):

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