Your iPad Magazine Can Look Like That on Apple IOS7

When Apple introduced a new mobile operating system iOS7, our team had just finished working on a new version of the mobile magazine application. This PressPad application allows subscribers to download and read digital magazines published by our editors. In this article we disclose the appearance of our new mobile application optimized for iOS7.
Apple has released its new, innovative operating system iOS7, introducing many interesting features such as the Control Center, AirDrop for iOS and smarter multitasking. But what catches the eye the most is a brand new, beautiful user interface with icons designed in the style of flat design, and referring to the current color trends. Apple’s new mobile system provides a completely new user’s experience, better than ever.

In accordance with the direction set by Apple, we are testing a new version of our mobile application in the PressPad, which is compatible with the iOS7 interface. We can boast about its appearance just now, which fits well with the new system from Apple. This makes reading the publication on iPad even more pleasant.

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Tablet User’s Habits. Discover More About E-readers.

People always give priority to the device that is easy to handle and convenient for use. Tablet is a one piece mobile computer with touch screen aid to use by their users easily and can watch and read any information conveniently. Tablet shipment grows 142.4% in first quarter of 2013 worldwide. About 90 million people will use tablet within 2014 and 58% is happy and very satisfied during reading from own tablet.

Here are some numbers that will help you better understand e-readers behaviour.

When they are reading?

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Mobile and Print Publishing. Let Them Cooperate for You.

Quite often editors of magazines ask themselves whether it would be more beneficial to publish their work via print publishing or quit it and focus on digital publishing only. While they are thinking of their options, they are often met with the dilemma as to which one is better.

Both options have their pros and their cons, but quite honestly, both of them can be quite beneficial for your magazine. It all pretty much depends on your company’s preference or your personal preference in how you would like to connect with your targeted audience.

Is the digital publishing a must?

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Join the Digital Publishing Revolution

Ten years ago no one even knew that we would all be turning to e-readers and tablets in order to keep up to date with worldwide news, reading books and browsing the internet.

But along came the digital publishing revolution. This involved the creation of the Apple iPad and Kindle, with other companies following suit not long after. This has enabled the online publishing sector to thrive with the introduction of the electronic newspaper and magazines. When Apple first launched the iPad it recorded a whopping 7 million sales in just 6 months.

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IPad Native App Vs. Webapp for Press Publishers

Most likely when researching the possibilities connected with publishing magazines on mobile devices (iPad and iPhone) you have been able to observe two trends: native and web apps. Today I’ll try to describe the pros and cons of these two approaches to facilitate your choice.

What is therefore a native app and what is a Web app?

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Why Android Development Costs More

When it comes to mobile development nowadays you should consider these platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7/8. With iOS long enough on the market development cost is well known, and it is said to be quite high.

What you probably don’t realize is that Android development can be–and often is–even more expensive.

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