PressPad Web Store Increases Revenues for Digital Publishers

PressPad Web Store

There are many ways publishers can increase their revenues and selling through their website may just be one of the top ones. PressPad is happy to announce today the release of a new feature helping publishers do just that.

Our mission at PressPad is to help publishers make more money on their content. We believe in this so strongly that we tightened our revenues with publishers’ last year – if you don’t make money, neither do we.

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PressPad Introduces Growth Hacking Feature to Help Publishers Sell More Editions on Tablets

We have released PressPad growth hacking feature called “Growth Tips”. The goal is clear: to help publishers sell more subscriptions and make magazine apps even more discoverable.

We offer our magazine apps for free, and this innovative business approach is fueling the direction in which PressPad is going – from digital publishing software to marketing mobile-publishing platform securing content distribution and monetization, the two key aspects of successful digital publishing.

Edit [April 20th, 2016]: We have stopped offering free pricing plans (free apps) since 2015. PressPad still offer digital publishing service affordable for publishers like you.

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How New Version of PressPad Makes You an Even Better Publisher

PressPad is evolving and several awesome improvements are on their way to our product and your magazine app as well. Here I am going to uncover the details of the latest improvements coming soon, and how you can benefit from them.

We see PressPad as going where Adobe is too corporate and other competitors are too complicated. This is why we focus on the ease of use and work every day to make PressPad experience as seamless as possible. That said, PressPad is continuously evolving, and following our test-driven philosophy, we always test several ideas which will help not only us but our publishers grow and sell even more.

New Panel

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How To Get Your Magazine App To The App Store Faster

In this article, I’m going to tell you how to speed up the app publishing process, and how to maximize the App Store platform.

Christmas is coming, a rush time for everyone. Many new publishers want to minimize the time to market their magazine in order to take part in the Christmas-New Year shopping tradition. In one of the previous articles, Paul described what happens when you order a free iPad app with PressPad. So, when all the information from the publisher is sent to us, we proceed to building their application for iPad and iPhone.

However, it sometimes happens that the period of waiting for the complete set of information from the publisher extends and thus, we can’t finish all the stages of adding the application to App Store. To speed up the addition of your publication to App Store, send us the information required for describing your application in iTunes properly.

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How To Publish Digital Comics on App Store

If you are a comic strip author and your creations don’t end up in the drawer, consider reaching millions of Apple mobile device users. You can’t lose on publishing your works on the iPad, especially when we do it for you converting PDF file into a native mobile app.
If you create your own online comic and you’re wondering how to reach Apple device users with it or you just want to get your digital comic known at App Store, this article will give you some tips on what to focus your attention on while creating a PDF file which we will then process at PressPad into a native iPad application.

Reading digital magazines and comic strips on the iPad is a very pleasant experience. You can zoom in on each page as much as you like, relishing the graphic details. It is an experience impossible to recreate with traditional printed issues. In order for your digital comic strip to get positive reception from App Store users, remember to pay attention to:

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What Happens when You Order an iPad App with PressPad

Since we have changed our model of cooperation with magazines, we receive more orders for iPad applications than ever before. That is why we are going to devote one blog article to explain the whole process of ordering of iPad magazine: what happens at the backstage, what we are doing for the publishers, why and where is Apple engaged and what happens when an application with your magazine is ready in the App Store.

In PressPad, every publisher who decides to cooperate with us, receives an Apple iOS Newsstand application. Every magazine receives one application, so if you have three different magazines, you will receive three different applications. Win-win.

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