How to Sell Your Digital Magazine The Amazon Way

Sell digital magazine Amazon way

Selling digital goods is sometimes tricky because it’s hard to apply sales patterns from the physical world to mobile. One of the best way of doing this is by looking at successful companies selling similar goods much better than any of their competitors.

Amazon is so successful in the field of selling digital goods that it’s reasonable to see if there’s anything we can learn from them to make our publishers’ lives easier. In this article, I’m going to unveil one of the biggest of Amazon’s secrets, that makes their digital content sell better.

The PressPad way means helping our publishers achieve their sales goals. We do not hide the fact that our clients’ goals are simply ours, since we bond our revenue with theirs. This approach lets us see the world the same way as our publishers and continuously improve our magazine apps, along with the whole platform in terms of sales ability.

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How To Boost The Number of Installs of Your Digital Magazine Mobile App

Boost installs of the digital magazine mobile app

Before you start selling genuine content hidden behind the pay-wall, the way mobile magazine publishers do, you must take the first step on the sales path, which is increasing the app installs rate. In this article you will learn how to increase the number of organic app installs of your digital magazine’s mobile app.

The more users install your mobile app, the more will go through to the next level of your sales funnel, and thus you’ll earn more. That’s pure math. So how to lure more people into installing your app? Well, lets start with a simple thought experiment.

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App Store Optimization in Digital Publishing – ASO Translation Service

ASO Translation service

When it comes to increasing the number of app downloads we have to consider ASO which stands for App Store Optimization. Digital Publishers can make it big on iTunes with relatively little effort. Here is how to make your magazine app resonate through Apple Newsstand on a global scale.

Most of the iOS app downloads come from the App Store Search results. While the search algorithm has not been disclosed by Apple, it is well known that there are several factors that publishers can hold control over in order to influence the app discoverability. They are the key to passive promotion of your magazine app inside the App Store environment.

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How YouTube Drives the Installs of Their Mobile App

Successful companies win mobile users through utilizing various marketing techniques. Most thriving ones do it right on their websites. In this article you will learn how to boost downloads of your digital magazine app yourself.

App Store is not a marketing machine, after all it is just a store selling apps. People have to learn about your app, and initially they do it through various channels. One of them is your magazine’s website. Based on the Forrester report, almost 23% of people landing onto the App Store page come from browsing websites.

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PressPad Introduces Growth Hacking Feature to Help Publishers Sell More Editions on Tablets

We have released PressPad growth hacking feature called “Growth Tips”. The goal is clear: to help publishers sell more subscriptions and make magazine apps even more discoverable.

We offer our magazine apps for free, and this innovative business approach is fueling the direction in which PressPad is going – from digital publishing software to marketing mobile-publishing platform securing content distribution and monetization, the two key aspects of successful digital publishing.

Edit [April 20th, 2016]: We have stopped offering free pricing plans (free apps) since 2015. PressPad still offer digital publishing service affordable for publishers like you.

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These 3 Little Known Facts Will Make You a Better Digital Publisher

If you are about to have your magazine app published in the App Store, take your time to learn what you should know about app marketing. The field of digital publishing – as is the case with any other business – requires undertaking specific marketing activities in order to generate sales.

People tend to overestimate the App Store. The worst thing you can do is leave your app on its own, counting on App Store’s internal marketing mechanics, which in fact are very limited, to do the job for you. It is still a store, not a marketing machine. In this article, you will learn the methods of maximizing your presence in Apple’s App Store.

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The 3+1 Best Resources of Free Photos for Your Magazine That Will Rock Your Content

If you’re wondering how to amplify the impression left by your magazine on its viewers, be sure to analyze the photographs you use to illustrate your articles. High-quality, relevant photographs not only encourage one to read an article, but also help to better consolidate its content, as readers often rely on the context.

This article will familiarize you with three resources of unique, free photographs that you can use in your magazine or blog. Seeing as Valentine’s Day is approaching, we’ve come up with a cool gift in the form of a package of unique, public domain photographs in the Valentine’s Day theme.

1. Compfight is an image search engine tailored to efficiently locate images for blogs, comps, inspiration, and research. Compflight makes a good use of the flickr API, but aren’t affiliated with flickr.

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PressPad Notifications – The Right Way To Build Relationship With Magazine App Subscribers

PressPad’s business model proved itself to be a terrific solution for our publishers as it opens up a stress-free passage into the world of digital publishing on mobile devices. Additionally, it paves the direction of our product’s development.

The outcome will lead to the systematic growth of PressPad’s marketing and sales potential. This article will define Email Notification and how to use them to increase your magazine’s popularity.

Increasing the sales of a magazine is a product of many different factors – building a strong relationship with the readers is one of them. PressPad’s control panel allows the publisher to communicate directly with the subscribers via Push Notifications – concise messages, which land directly on the reader’s iPhone/iPad, and via the new and unique feature an Email Notifications.

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Facebook Newsstand Helps You Sell More Digital Issues Via Social Media

Facebook is a great selling tool. How to take advantage of its potential during the sale of a mobile magazine? Later in the article you will also learn how to promote your digital releases best on Facebook and Twitter using Facebook Newsstand.

At the end of 2013 we promised our publishers to help them in sales. It is our priority, and so as early as December we released our first sales supporting tools in the form of beautiful Automatic Widgets and Apple Smart Banners, which when placed on the webpages promote dedicated magazines, directing the user to App Store and Google Play Store.

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2014: The Year When You Can Sell More Digital Issues Than the Paper Ones

It has been an amazing year not only for PressPad, but also for our publishers. This article lets you peek at the future as it lifts the curtain on what is going to happen next year and how to maximize it.

In the passing year 2013 we changed our business model and by that we took a quantum leap towards increasing the availability of digital publishing among medium-sized publishers. Publishing will never be the same. Thanks to this change, we shortened the time to market for the new publishers, and the growing number of magazines available in PressPad’s ecosystem translates to larger popularity of our clients’ magazines. It stems from the diffusion of the readers within our publishing ecosystem.

Digital Publishing in 2014

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